What we do

We are always learning throughout life and want to pass on these valuable skills to our  children. 

This young man is helping the crew move logs to mill for a custom wall project.

More about what we do


Residential projects are an investment to your home. We understand that it is a serious choice and commitment to make home improvements.
We will be upfront and discuss all the steps with you before the project begins.  
Interior home improvements we offer range from kitchen upgrades or remodels, new flooring, a room conversion or updating a bathroom with tile.
Exterior improvements may be dependent on the Central Oregon weather, but rarely holds us back. Are you wanting new siding, a deck added to the back, a room conversion or a new addition added on? Call us to discuss more and check out the photos of some of our recent projects.


We are approved for both State and Federal projects as either General Contractor or sub-contractor.  We are also certified through the State of Oregon as an Emerging Small and Minority Owned Business.

We have enjoyed creating upgrades to the State Parks for all those living and visiting Central Oregon.


For those clients that travel throughout the yearend away from home, we are only a quick call or email away if your home is needing some adjustments when you are away.
We always discuss the situation and services needed before moving forward.  Clients are always in control of their service decisions.